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Our Services

Hot Stone Massage
While warming up your tissues stone massage enters a different dimension of relaxation and well being. 60 min. / $120

Bamboo Massage
A Combination of traditional benefits of massage using elements to emphasize areas of more tension along with comforting qualities of heat. Total management of tension. 50 min. / $110

Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage
Thinking of your comfort and wellness. 60 min. / $100

Aromatherapy Baths
Art of using natural oil extracted by flowers, leave and roots that enhance your physical and psychological needs. 20 min. / $45

Body Scrub
Salt Glow is a friction with natural oils and sea salts. Revives the skin at the same time they give you the relaxation and freshness to be remembered. 25 min. + 50 min. Swedish massage / $180

Mothers to be Massage
This gentle and nurturing Swedish massage technique offers relief from physical as well as emotional challenges associated with pregnancy. 60 min. / $100